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Widow Recovery Secrets/ BMC/PODCASTS

May 23, 2024

Podcast 154 is part of series 3 'Managing Relationship Loss' - For Widows and if you are recovering from a Personal Relationship Breakup. (7mins)

This Episode takes you deeper into the interplay between your unconcious love relationship needs, and conscious relationship love needs, after loss.

Uncovering a dichotomy of...


Apr 25, 2024

Podcast 153 addresses how to 'Be Present' in daily life,

for success in managing crisis.

It touches on:

  1. What does Being Present actually mean.
  2. How to implement this realistically.
  3. The benefits to Being Present.


  • Your creators gift to you.
  • Experiencing a state of ethereal.
  • Sound self-awareness to achieve for...

Apr 11, 2024

Podcast 152 gives a simple and an effective synopsis on our  life and grief coaching serves:

  • Widows navigating loss.
  • Widows listening to our Podcast Coaching content for Growth and encouragement.
  • How we also now encourage and Life Coach women griefing other relationship loss.
  • What makes our work unique and how...

Mar 28, 2024

Podcast 151 explains how this body of work and this series will incorporate: 

  • Widow grief and Relationship Loss Grief Similarities
  • Aims of the direction of the Coaching and Podcast content.
  • 3 similarities of grief in Widows and Relationship loss.
  • Our future Coaching commitments.
  • How our content will care and educate...

Feb 15, 2024

  1. Podcast 150 touches briefly on the nostalgia effects of Valentine's Day on Widows. 
  2. Plus the 3 essential reminders to boost moral on this day.
  3. An acknowledgement of this day - 15th February, being my late husband's Birthday - what this evokes for the Host.
  4. One of the best quotes on love and much more.
  5. An episode that...